The Lounge

Welcome To THE LOUNGE a show dedicated to the wonderful sound of the unsigned Artist along with the best tunes.   On the Lounge we will take you back to the sounds of the 1970s 1980s and even the 60s ,90s thrown in for good measures, if you would like a request played then leave a message on (01753) 336648.
Please note request are for the following weeks show and if calling from outside the UK  then an international digits may have to be used or (coming soon) you can text the word smooth (followed by message) to 60300.

The show airs  LIVE on Sunday’s  (from the Tropical FmTv Studios)

Dunstable Community Radio  17:00-19:00
Royal Counties Radio.    17:00-19:00

Also being broadcast on

  1. 91.8 Hayes FM,   14:00 16:00 Saturday’s (UK)
  2. Dunstable Community Radio   14:00-16:00 Saturday (Repeated UK)
  3. Royal Counties Radio.   14:00-16:00 Saturday (Repeated UK)
  4. Pulse Talk Radio Saturdays 14:00 – 16:00 (UK)


If you are listening and are unsigned singer songwriter and would like to feature on this show then email and you could even have an interview on air with myself to talk about your music. For The Featured Interviews then  LISTEN AGAIN here also you can view the interview and the performance again here.   If you would like to know  more about the show format then CLICK HERE

.You can LISTEN AGAIN to the full show on MIX CLOUD

Do You run a radio station and need a show slot filled then please get in touch

 Thank You and Happy Listening