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The website was set up to help promote the artist that have appeared on  my Shows.   We will also be promoting the events we will be attending this year.   Are you an Artist or a Band?  Then why not contact us we could promote your single, Album or your EP and even get you in for an interview/live performance.   We are also now LIVE on the TUNE IN platform please search for  AS Media UK . For LIVE events Click Here to listen in.    To hear Past Shows then please follow me on MixCloud.com

Please Note:- If your viewing this site on a mobile phone sometime it's best to turn the device 90 degrees to get maximum viewing, can't hear our output check our NEWS page for streaming problems and for the other Artists I have interviewed please click here. Also  that as more and more pages are being added then there will be Sub Pages so please click on the down arrows for more information that is being offered through out this website and please make sure you scroll to the bottom of each page so not to miss a single drop of this website.

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A S MEDIA UK are looking for presenters and shows to air on their new up and coming radio station Royal Counties Radio, If the answer is YES then WE WANT YOU!!!! check out www.asmediauk.co.uk/ontheair
Your here because You or someone you know would like to stream an event, Well look no more check out www.asmediauk.com/livestreaming to find out more